Thursday 11 December 2014

How To Choose Airport Car Rental Services?

It feels comfortable to know that at least there is someone waiting for you at your destination point. Hiring a car at the airport will assure you that you will be safe even if you are going to a foreign country. It will also assure that you will be delivered at your place of interest at a certain time after paying a certain amount to the car offering the renting services at the airport. However, before you can use airport car rental services, you need to consider some important factors.
You should consult the car rental company about the amount that you are supposed to pay them to render you their service. The cost varies depending on the company that you select and also the type of car that you will rent since some cars consume more fuel and some might be more luxurious hence you will have to pay more. Consider your class and the amount of money that you have before renting a certain car to be on the safe side.
Another thing that you should be concerned about is the luggage that you will be having or the friends or family members that you will travel with. This will help you to determine the most suitable car that will accommodate them and its charge. The more you select a better car, the more comfortable you will be when using it.
You should also have an exact hour and date that you will want to use the rental car. This will keep the company alert and aware that a certain car will be needed a certain day and time thus make it easier for them to organize for other customers their travel timetable. It will also reduce chances of being overcharged by some companies due to delays when you waste their time.
Discount is all that a customer will look for in any kind of a business. Some airport car rental companies offer discounts such as mileage discount where even if you want to travel an extra distance, no charge will be added. Be economical and save some money by selecting a company that cares for you and your pocket.
Make sure you also select a car rental company that is secure and offers good services. This is because some companies take no concern to the luggage of their customers and once you lose something anything it becomes very hard to get it. Get a responsible car rental company to be on the same side with your belongings.
Research online and get to hear how others say about a certain company. Get in touch with customers who have used their services before to know which airport car rental agencies offer the best services. They will also be able to share more about their experience especially those that have used it for several times.
The experience and services that the staff of a company offers to its customers matters a lot. Get airport companies with qualified drivers who you will not have to worry on how they drive you to your destination. Qualified drivers will assure you of your safety and arrival to your destination in time.

Monday 8 December 2014

Things You Need To Enquire When Using Car Rental Services

Many people today are ignorant on some of the things they are supposed to do before hiring a car from a car rental company. Hiring a rental car has many advantages. However, you will need to consider a few things before hiring a rental car.

Look out for all the nearby gas stations so that you do not have a hard time returning the car when you are through with it. The right time for this is when you are driving out of the agency. Take this time to spot any available but pocket friendly gas stations along your way. This may save you a lot of time especially when you are returning in a hurry and cannot seem to find a station to fill the tank.

Check out if your auto insurance covers rental car. Full coverage normally extends to rental cars but it is safe to first confirm by contacting your insurer. If you have a full coverage, your insurer will naturally cover the rental car even if it is of a higher quality.

Rental agencies today impose loss of use charges for the period a damaged car stays under maintenance. Most insurance companies do not cover loss of use, so the only other possible option is to insure with the credit cards. Make sure to check with your insurer to get accurate information regarding this before you hire a car.

Some car rentals have amazing offers in terms of upgrades to their larger cars. They normally do this when all their low priced cars have been taken. It is important to check out if they have any of these offers before you hire a car. You may find a much better and larger car with an addition of only a few dollars.

It is important to visit some of the websites of the van rental company to see if they have any offers available. You may be surprised to land an important deal in case it comes along such as those from AAA or AARP. Be sure to check these out before you settle for a car.

You should also make sure to have a thorough inspection of the car before it leaves the agency. That way you can discover certain faults with the car before taking it and avoid paying for a mistake that was not yours. Make a point to see if there are any loose parts, scuffs or any scratches on the car before you take it. If you are not sure, you will remember you can take photos to compare.

It is also a good idea to find out if the car rental allows out of country travels. Again, your insurance company may not cover international travels, so you may have to settle for a purchase of insurance for the car from the car rental. It is important to know that if you were to travel across the border with a rental car and experience some challenge, then your insurance and rental contract may be nullified.